Our Journey

2019, Mirza Saad Baig went out of Pakistan for good 6 months to zone out, and came up with an idea worth executing in this country. He went to Dubai then to see his friend & discuss things but even then the idea didn't come. Coming back to Pakistan in August 2019, he continued his University and other chores when on November 19, while Mirza Saad Baig was zombie scrolling through Pinterest he saw a lamp. A lamp made out of pipe, this caught his attention.

He then researched online searching for one in Pakistan but couldn't find any. Immediately he then got in touch with his school friend, Tabish. Who he usually states him as his 'Steve Wozniak'. A crazy technical expert who has been playing with tools rather than toys ever since he was only 3 years old. So Saad shared this lamp photograph with his friend, and shared the idea with him, to which Tabish replied, "Kal hi chalo Saddar, survey kartay hein." And the rest, ladies & gentlemen is history!!

Meet Our Team

Meet our talented team who will be taking care of your projects. At the end of the day it's all about people.


Mirza Saad Baig


Saad is the one who will be taking care of your project from the start to the end.


Tabish Siddiqui


Tabish aka. Ustaad is the one you will be seeing him sweating on the site.


Muneeb Khan


Muneeb takes care of the technical & operations to make sure everything is working fine.

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